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Fake Chat

A friend wanted to develop a simple chat client for use, but he wanted to integrate it into a web page he was working on. There are pleanty of java-based chat clients out there, but I had come up with the ides of usinf a frame to repeatedly receive and send data to and from a web broweser for the PHP PRG. I thought this could be done, so I wrote it.

A warning to some Internet Explorer users: unless you mute your sound, the action of the refreshing frame will make your computer click until the end of days. If you don't want this, then I suggest going to Sounds in the Control Panel and removing any sounds associated with web navigation.

And now, the fake chat demo page.

On second thought, how about a fully working chat demo? There are no rooms, but messages may be posted and everyone on will see them. They are deleted if they are older than five minutes when a user posts a new message.